Road ID truly made a difference in my life!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

This past Tuesday, my brother and I went to the hospital to be with our Mom during a scheduled test.  While discussing future steps in her treatment with a staff member, I became very sick and passed out.  I was immediately transported to the trauma center.  According to my brother, they thought I had suffered a heart attack.

My brother was not able to answer any questions regarding medications, medical conditions or insurance info for me.  He didn’t even know how to contact my husband at work.  My Mom was recuperating from her test and was still in recovery.

Then, they found my Interactive Road ID on my wrist and obtained all my info.  I take medications and have several medical conditions that they needed to know about in order to provide me proper medical treatment.  Because of my Road ID, they were able to obtain this information quickly and efficiently, even though I wasn't able to provide it, and there was no one around to provide the answers to their questions.

Fortunately for me, I did not have a heart attack.  Thanks to my Road ID, the medical staff was able to obtain the information they needed to give me the treatments necessary to get me back on my feet quickly.  My experience gives proof that no one should ever leave home without ID...you never know when you might need it.  Thanks Road ID for making such a great product!!  It truly made a difference in my life!!

- Sharon .N from New Windsor, MD