Road ID is the one!

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I was pushing, trying to finish a set of small hills in PB time.  I turned the corner and three skateboarders blocked my path. I was forced to dive out of the way, which resulted in quite the crash. The skateboarders immediately called an ambulance.

On our way to the hospital, the firemen recognized my Road ID and were ableto relay my information to the EMTs working on me. The nurses and doctors at the hospital were very impressed with my Road ID as well. I overheard them saying things like, "I am going to get this for my Dad," and "This is great! It could definitely save someone's life."  I was forced to have surgery to repair my shoulder (3 torn tendons), and the doctors said they appreciated knowing what medications I was currently taking.

I won't ride without my Road ID.

- John .S from New Lenox, IL