Road ID helped save my life!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

Road ID helped save my life in August. I was doing a cycling tour of Canadian National Parks in Alberta, Canada. Just after lunch on the 4th day, I was hit directly from behind by a pick-up truck. Luckily, I do not remember being hit, bouncing onto the hood of the truck, or landing on the pavement.

I had my Road ID on my wrist. As a result, the paramedics immediately knew who I was, my blood type, my heart condition, and how to contact my family. I was helicoptered to Bamff hospital. My injuries were so severe that I was immediately flown to the Trauma Center in Calgary.

I nearly died in the ER. I was resuscitated and received four units of blood for internal bleeding. I suffered a severely shattered pelvis, and two neck vertebrae fractures. I spent a total of a month in the hospital. I am still in a wheelchair, but progressing nicely.

This accident proved to me that wearing a Road ID is as important as wearing a bike helmet. My helmet was cracked in the accident and the rear wheel of my bike severely damaged. But, thanks to my Road ID, my medical needs were noted and cared for.

This picture was taken about 30 minutes before my accident. I wish everyone had a Road ID!!

Thanks for a wonderful product.

- Sandra .M from Houston, TX