Road Id Could Save Your Life One Day…

This past week, I was struck from behind by an SUV while I was on my bike. I was violently thrown from my bike, striking my head against the pavement, which knocked me unconscious for at least an hour. I was wearing my Ankle ID, which allowed a witness to contact my wife and friend to let them know what had happened to me. Without my Road iD, it would have been hours, if not much longer, before my wife would have heard from me.

Today, I am bruised and very sore, but I love my Road iD even more. I have always been a huge fan as a runner and cyclist, but I never thought I would actually need it.

If you are a runner or a cyclist, you need Road iD … no kidding. It could very well save your life one day, or at least let your loved ones know where you are in the event of an emergency. Thanks again from a true fan.