I have had RoadID for several years

by ROAD iD Staff May 13, 2021

I have had RoadID for several years and had occasion to need it after a cycling accident a couple years ago. I have told a lot of people about it and hope that at least some of them have purchased RoadID.

I put on a 100-mile bike ride the first Saturday in October; this year will be the 8th Annual Road Dog 100. Usually every year there is someone who has done their first Century Ride in the RD100. Last year we had two first timers, a female college student and a 14-year-old girl. I had an award for each of them. This year, I'm thinking it would be a good idea to present a RoadID bracelet as a first-timer award. How would I go about ordering one w/o having to put the ID info on it, since I won't know who it will be awarded to until after the ride? I would also like to hand out your RoadID pamphlets, as I have done in the past. I also organize a trike event called 'You Bet I Can Ride!!' Mini-Expo the first Sunday in September; this will be the third year. This event focuses on introducing people to recumbent trikes, an alternative to the upright bike. Last year, I handed out your RoadID pamphlets and would like to do so again this year. In the past, we've had about 30 cyclists in the RoadDog 100 and 100+ folks attend the trike event.

I loved the stories featured in your email..............seeya bye!! I was riding The Loop bike/pedestrian trail around Tucson and crashed w/another cyclist - my fault. Fortunately, he sustained only a minor scratch on his leg. I was knocked out for a short time so don't remember the collision but apparently took a header over the front of my recumbent bike and tumbled, landing on my right side. When the paramedics arrived, they were asking me questions that I had trouble answering; I remember telling them to get my bracelet, which they did. They were able to get the info they needed, and my bracelet was returned to me in the hospital. My pelvis was broken in two places, my right shoulder joint was dislocated, the right side of my head hit the pavement (well, my helmet did!), and I had extensive road rash on all four extremities. I was in the hospital for six days and then in a skilled nursing facility for three weeks before being able to fly home to Wichita KS for continued treatment. Obviously, that wasn't the way I wanted to spend my winter in Tucson!!

- Brenda