I’m a Professional Cyclist, and I Used My ROAD iD

I was on the 2nd stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic when a bike crash occurred on a downhill decent, causing another rider to lose control right in front of me. I flew through the air and landed soundly on the highway. I fell unconscious but have some recollection of being airlifted to the hospital in Bend, OR. At the time, my father was waiting at the finish line, and my husband was miles away in San Francisco. My Road iD on my wrist gave the paramedics my father's phone number, making it possible for him to meet us at the hospital.

I'm still recovering from a broken pelvis, a concussion, and going weeks without riding my bike...but it could be worse. I'm living proof that it doesn't make any difference who you are, how good you are at cycling, or how great you feel…the next minute you may not be able to speak for yourself. My Road iD spoke for me that day. I can't wait to start riding full time again- and when I do, my Road iD will be right there with me.