My wife is very happy I had my Road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I was riding down a mountain, while training in Chattanooga, when I came to a tight corner that was not labeled well. I tapped the brakes and my rear wheel slid into a guardrail at 30+ mph. I abandoned the bike and my arm wrapped around the guardrail. I landed on my shoulder/face and skidded on forest brush and poison ivy. My fellow riders called 911 and used my Road ID to contact my wife.

The hospital ER was able to access my Emergency Response Profile to retrieve the information they needed. I ended up with a 3rd degree shoulder dislocation, large contusions, heavy swelling, and road rash everywhere.

Thank you for everything. Best company ever. My wife was very happy I had my Road ID.

- Anthony .B from Columbia, SC