My Road ID provided needed information

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

My buddy, Lou, and I were out for a 30 mile spin on what appeared to be a picture perfect day for a sunrise ride. In Lou's words, "One second you were to my left and we were talking, the next second you were being thrown 100 feet through the air." I had been struck from behind by a young girl driving.

Lou quickly looked for both mycell phone and Road ID. The first was not to be immediately found. The Road ID was found in its typical place on my right wrist. Shortly thereafter, my phone was located and calls were placed to 911 and my wife. As soon as first responders were on scene, they checked my Road ID for information and later confirmed it all with my wife.

Following a short ambulance ride, I was life-flighted to an area trauma center for emergency care. Surprisingly, after being struck at 55-60 mph and my bike being destroyed, I suffered only multiple lacerations, broken teeth, a concussion as well as two compressed vertebrae. Thankfully, my Road ID provided needed information and saved valuable time in such a critical moment.

- Mark .D from Lufkin, TX