My Road ID made a huge difference in the ER

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

My sporting life is not very dramatic.  I am a retired aerospace technician. I don't even drive these days...but with 2 feet, a couple bikes, and the Los Angeles County Transit system, I get around very easily. Awhile back, I experienced a dangerous and unpleasant ER visit to the hospital without any identification.  As weall know, the ER staff requires complete and accurate info fast in order to provide proper medical treatment.  I was not able to give the info they needed at that time... but this unfortunate experience convinced me that a Road ID was right for me.

Recently, I was back in the ER again, but the situation was very different.  This time, thanks to Road ID, the medical staff had all the information they needed and all went very well. Now, and from now on, I know that Road ID is like an American Express card... I don't leave home without it.  EVER!

- Martin .S from Torrance, CA