My Road ID is telling others I want to live

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I am an athlete -- cyclist, runner, anything -- I'll do it. In case of an accident, I have worn my Road ID 24-7 since 2000. My story is different and I want to share it with you and others. I suffer from severe depression, and one day I decided to take my own life. I left my house with no identification, and for the first time inyears, no Road ID. I had no commitment to life, and I took a lethal-level overdose on a beach nearby.

A woman, walking the beach, found me unconscious, and I was taken to the hospital as a Jane Doe. I was given 0% chance of survival. Ironically, one of the firemen at the hospital recognized me from passing the station every day with my dogs. Now I was someone, and my family was immediately contacted.

Obviously, I survived and eventually returned to my athletic endeavors. I have stuck with the treatment for my disease, and I have chosen to make life a priority. Now, as I was head out to the woods for a run, I wear my Road ID. It is telling those who care about me that I want to live. I believe that every athlete, everyone who puts one on, shows that they have made that choice.

I can see and feel my Road ID around my wrist, reminding me how my life has changed.

Thank you, Road ID.

- Christine .C from Evanston, IL