My ROAD iD Did Its Job!

I got my Road ID late last year, and I have worn it on almost all of my workouts and back country activities since. Good thing, too. On February 9, I had a serious bicycle accident in the boondocks of northern San Diego County. Although I was with a group of friends and remained conscious, the nature of my injuries made it almost impossible for me to communicate with them (I fractured 8 ribs, punctured a lung and broke my pelvis in 2 places). My RoadID did its job. When the EMTs cut off my clothes, they saw the ID and learned about my allergies to certain medications. My buddies saw my emergency contact numbers and called my family to inform them of my accident - something they would not have been able to do without my Road ID. You never think that this sort of thing will happen to you, but ask me - it does! I'm glad that I was wearing my RoadID.

Thank You Road ID!