My Road ID came to the rescue!

by ROAD iD Staff May 19, 2021

I wore my Road ID when I ran the Dallas Rock n' Roll Half Marathon.  I made it through the race fine...it was AFTERWARDS that my Road ID came to the rescue!  I was searching for my truck in the enormous parking lot, when I suddenly tripped and landed face first into the street.  I fell hard, to the point I was knocked out for a moment.  When I came to, I literally had no idea who I was.  People rushed over to help me, but I couldn't give them any information...it was extremely frightening.  That is, until I saw my Road ID on my wrist!  It had all the names and phone numbers I needed. A very nice man was able to call my daughter, who took me to the ER.  Fortunately I was okay -- besides a very colorful shiner on left eye!

I'm so grateful for my Road ID -- it saved the day.

- Barbara .S from Richardson, TX