My ID told the EMTs everything they needed to know

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I am coming up on two months since my accident, and I want to take the time to say thank you to those at Road ID. I am a 65 year old, retired, third year cyclist with a few centuries under my belt. I am also a former law enforcement officer and railroad employee, so I brought a lot of my safety awareness with meto my cycling life.

I was introduced to Road ID by a couple of club members, and I immediately saw the value in it. Up to that point, I had been carrying my driver's license, medical plan card, and club ID card, which had my emergency contact information on it. I figured I could just whip it out if I ever needed it. Then one day, one of our members suffered a pretty bad crash, and, had it not been for several of us around her to help provide information to the EMTs, she probably would have had more trouble because she was unconscious. I went online that night and ordered an Interactive Wrist ID Sport. 

Days later, while out on a ride, I approached an intersection to make a left turn. As I got closer, I saw a white car far off to my left. I also noted the stop sign, slowed, and entered the intersection at about 12 mph, starting my left turn. I vaguely remember seeing the front of the white car RIGHT THERE and feeling the thump. I awoke about 100 feet away, lying face down. The driver was reassuring me that his wife was calling 911 and that I shouldn't get up. The EMTs arrived very soon afterward, and after their second question about my identity, one of them spotted my Road ID. The EMT removed my Road ID, and upon hearing another EMT asking me questions, told him, "It's okay -- looks like we have all we will need. Call this number." They then proceeded to call the Interactive phone number. 

I remember being loaded into the ambulance, but that’s about it until I met my wife at the hospital. I spent more than three hours in surgery while they cobbled by ankle back together. I left part of my left ear out on the highway, and I broke my left scapula and a couple of ribs. My doctor says I should be riding (and walking) in the next couple of months. Of course, when I start riding again, regardless of where or how far I'm going, I'll be wearing my helmet and Road ID. 

This is really a long way around to tell you how much I appreciate your product. I didn't feel much like talking to anybody out there at the accident scene, but I didn't need to: my Road ID told the EMTs everything they needed to know. It's a little unsettling to think that your biggest supporters might be those who have suffered a crash -- I'm hoping to turn my riding buddies and fellow club members into Road ID wearers BEFORE the inevitable occurs. 

Thanks again for a great idea and a great product. 

- Dennis .W from Sacramento, CA