My helmet and Road ID saved my life...

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I was out for a bike ride when an SUV veered over two lanes and collided with me. I had time to say, "Oh my" and felt my front wheel turn to the left as my right shoulder hit the passenger door. 

Next thing I knew I was dripping blood, in and out of consciousness on the pavement. People gathered all around me. Thankfully, I was wearing Road ID, my wife and an ambulance were called immediately. My wife met me at the hospital, followed shortly by my brother who got my bike to the shop.

Update: My helmet and Road ID saved my life. Two CAT Scans were taken. The doctor gave me 16 stitches above my right eye and 7 on my right index finger. I had road rash all over as well as black and blue bruises. 

- Fred .C from Schaumburg, IL