My helmet and Road ID helped save my life

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

One day recently, I ventured out at sunrise on what was supposed to be a warm-up ride for an upcoming Bike MS-150. More than 10 hours later, I woke up in the ICU. Our neighbors’ son, who is a trained EMS, found me crashed in the middle of the road, 2.68 miles into my ride, having a seizure due to head impact (even thoughI was wearing my helmet).

He immediately called an ambulance, and having seen my Road ID, he also called my wife. My Road ID was also used by the First Responders to pull up all my medical information. This all happened within 10 minutes of my crash, verified by my GPS and my Road ID account. 

Everyone knows that in emergency situations, time is critical, and I believe that wearing my Road ID was very helpful in my situation. I hope in some form you will share it with others as I have with my family, friends, and even doctors. 

I show my Road ID to someone everyday, and I tell them how my helmet and my Road ID helped save my life.

- Ian .F from Willow Spring, NC