My EMTs said they always look for Road ID!

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

My accident happened when I was changing lanes on my bike. The white, middle line was raised, so when I hit it, I went down hard. I impacted the ground on my left side, fracturing 13 ribs and double-fracturing my left clavicle. My head was well protected by my helmet so I did not lose consciousness.

As I lay in the street, a vehicle stopped to assist me. As an EMT, I instructed him to contact 911 and tell them of my potential injuries. When EMS arrived, a paramedic asked me if I was William and if I was, in fact, a type II diabetic. From my Ankle ID, he was also able to verify my blood type and find out that I had no known drug allergies. The info allowed them to quickly treat my injuries.

I told the EMT that I always wondered if they knew about Road ID, and he said yes, they always look for them on cyclist and runners they treat in the field. SO cool!

I had ridden over 3500 miles prior to the accident and I've ridden over 3000 since. I have had my Road ID on for EVERY mile! I will not ride out without it. It might not have "saved" my life, but it definitely provided vital information to those that did!

- Greg .M from McKinney, TX