In a split second I was unconscious!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

Recently, I was just completing a negative split training ride when I was struck from behind by a hit and run driver.  They estimated his speed to be 40 mph.  I do not remember anything about the accident.  I found out later that- very fortunately- a passing driver stopped, called 911 and rendered aid.

I was unconscious, but my Road ID had all the information that was needed for me to get proper treatment and to contact my loved ones.
I'm recovering from a broken back, head injury, puncture wounds and road rash...I feel blessed and lucky to be alive.

Update:  I now wear my Road ID all the time...I'm so grateful for the peace of mind it provides me and my family.   I bought a new bike and I can't wait to get back outside and ride again.  I will also be wearing the Firefly gear, in hopes I will be more visible to drivers!

- Debbie .M from Plano, TX