I'm so glad I had my Road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I decided to buy my Road ID after a bike ride where I was t-boned by a car making a right hand turn. The car took off, but thankfully I only had some scratches and bruises. It got me thinking, what if my injuries were worse? I had an ID in my bike pouch but would anyone look there? When I got home, I ordered a Road ID Interactive wristband. Hoping I would never need to use it, I wore it anytime I was on my bicycle as a precaution.

Unfortunately, I was hit by yet another car while biking to campus.  This time, the outcome was not quite as minimal.  A car pulled out of a gas station without seeing me.  I went over the handlebars and landed directly on my head (I was not wearing a helmet).  I do not remember much of the event, but I know that once I reached the trauma department, they used my Road ID to determine their course of treatment and to contact my friends and family.  I was incredibly lucky to only suffer an extensive concussion.

I cannot speak enough words of praise about how valuable a Road ID is, whether Interactive or not.  Every athlete who competes, exercises, or trains outdoors should have one.  I will certainly be purchasing "back-ups" and also a Scout ID for my pup.  Great job Road ID for a fantastic product and even better customer care! You are truly a company who cares about the well-being of your customers.

- Michelle .B from Surprise, AZ