I work in an ER...but I was there as a patient

by ROAD iD Staff May 19, 2021

I work in an ER and have been talking with many EMS and First Responders about Road ID, but the other day I had to use my FIXX ID in the ER for myself! I crashed my bike about 5 miles from home (35 miles into a 40 mile ride). Thankfully I was "walking wounded" and could speak for myself; however, I didn't have any of my insurance cards or other form of ID with me. I DID have my Road ID which enabled me to provide all the necessary information to the docs, nurses, and registration personnel.It was all there: a complete medical history in my profile, including last tetanus, and other inoculations.  The profile from the interactive provided all contacts, my doctors, medications, allergies etc. You have a great product, keep up the good work; I'll keep spreading the word.

- Tony .J from Poughkeepsie, NY