I won't ride without it!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I was at the end of a 30 mile bike ride when it happened.  It had been a fine day on my bike; and I was only 200 yards from home.  I signaled a left turn, and began a turn on to my street from near the road’s centerline.  Suddenly, I heard a car beside me - attempting to pass me on my left in the middle of the intersection!All I could think was ‘boy, this is going to hurt.’

I came off my bike and bounced down the road.  At my age I don’t bounce well anymore.  I was really dazed and bruised up.  My bike was a mess too.

When the paramedics and the police arrived, I simply showed them my Road ID for all the information they required while I was ‘getting my head back on straight.’

I healed up pretty well and my bike was repaired, courtesy of the car owner’s insurance. 
It is indeed dangerous ‘out there’ and anything we, as bikers, can do to protect ourselves is certainly in our own interest   There are three things I won’t ride without:  my helmet, bright colors, and especially my Road ID.  Thanks Road ID for being a very important part of my biking experience!

- Mark .P from Ocala, FL