The One Time I Rode Without My ROAD iD

I never run or bike alone without my Road ID.  But on this particular day, I was going on a fun ride and run with the members of the local triathlon club.  I thought I didn’t need it as I was going to be with my friends.  I was sooooooo wrong. I hit a pot hole in downtown Memphis and it threw me over the handlebars.  I broke my collarbone and shoulder blade when I landed on the payment. My helmet was destroyed, but it protected my head from serious injury.I was unconscious.  An even though 40 of my fellow riders were there, none of them knew my contact information. I had my cell phone with me, but it was locked and a code (which they didn't know) was needed to access the directory. You can imagine the panic I created among the riders.  One of the riders called the gym I go to.  Because of the circumstances, they broke their own rules and gave out my home number so they could contact my wife.

  Luckily my wife was home as they had no other number to call. I can't believe that the one time I didn't have my Road ID was the one time that I really needed it.  I will never mount a bike again without my helmet and my Road ID. It took over 3 months of rehab before I could ride again.  This year, it is a requirement that everyone that does a group ride with Memphis Thunder Triathlon Club have contact information on them.  It is my recommendation they wear a Road ID.