I went off the edge of the road down a 30 ft cliff

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I was about 30 miles outside of Little Rock, alone on a training ride for the upcoming "Big Dam Bridge 100". As I descended Wye Mountain and headed into a hairpin turn, my back tire blew out. I flew right off the edge and over a 30 foot cliff. Miracle 1: a passerby in a jeep caught a fleeting glimpse of me as I went off the road and realized what was happening.  He pulled over and scaled down the cliff. He used my Road ID on my wrist to call my wife, then ultimately EMS and the Fire department. Miracle 2: To make a longer story short, I only had 3 broken vertebrae (1 in my neck and 2 in my back) no cord damage or other broken bones anywhere.  Other than looking like I was beat up with 30 bats, my only other injury was a gash above my right eyelid where my riding glasses smashed into my head.

I had seen Road ID ads in the cycle magazines and the commercials during the Tour de France in July. Those are what convinced me to purchase my Road ID.  I have two: a wrist band and dog tag and I never ride or run without them.  Great products!  I recommend them to everyone.

- Michael .D from Little Rock, AR