I wear my Road ID EVERYWHERE I go!

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

My biking buddy and I were out for a ride at nine in the morning when we stopped at an intersection. There was no one in sight, so we proceeded through, and when were about halfway across, I was struck by an SUV. I was thrown in the air, actually unclipping my pedals, and I landed very hard on my back.I was taken to the local hospital where I was diagnosed with a fracture of my T12 vertebrae. I ended up spending 4 days in the hospital recovering from my injuries.

My biking buddy used my Road ID to contact all my friends that needed to be notified. I wear my Road ID EVERYWHERE I go, and I recommend it to everyone I can. 

I cannot thank you enough. I love your products and customer service.

- Mary .N from San Francisco, CA