I was unconscious once I hit the road…

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

I was recently racing in Ironman Wisconsin, my first IM.  I was passing the last aid station on the bike course, around mile 100, and I crashed. Evidently, I just took myself out, although I often tell people there was a badger in the road that I hit. It’s possible I slipped on something, but who knows.

I was unconscious onceI hit the road, but my Road ID let the paramedics know that I have type 1 diabetes. Now, diabetes did not end up being a factor in my crash, but it easily could have been, and the paramedics knew to check my blood sugar as soon as they got to me. The hospital even knew to put me on a saline drip rather than glucose, etc. – all because of the information found on my Road ID. One of the First Responders also got my husband’s phone number off my ID, which allowed him to meet me at the hospital.  

I ended up spending a couple days in the hospital. Besides a nasty concussion, I had some broken ribs and a fractured pelvis, along with a messed up shoulder and some road rash. I’m happy to say that I have fully recovered and I completed Ironman Wisconsin the following year. 

- Karen .L from Boulder, CO