I was unconscious for up to 5 minutes...

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

To this day I still do not know what happened or if someone else was involved, but I do know that approximately 1.3 miles from the start of the 2nd lap of a bike ride, I was involved in a traumatic accident. The report stated that I was unconscious for up to 5 minutes and subsequently someone called 911. Thankfully, I also know that someone called both the numbers on my Road ID which listed my Wife and my Sister as my main contacts, although unfortunately we do not know the identify of that person to thank them.

I was transported to one of the local Hospitals and evaluated in the ER as I presented many common injuries related to bike accidents including various lacerations, broken collarbone, road rash, and a concussion. They initially had the intent of possibly releasing me as I was awake and somewhat cognizant. Thanks to the persistence of my Wife (who was now at my side thanks to the phone call) and my Sister, who is a nurse living in Texas, the Doctors agreed that a Cat Scan was necessary due to some of my behavior. The results indicated a serious traumatic brain injury on top of the other physical injuries and I was promptly admitted to their Trauma unit.

To this day I continue to promote the value that the Road ID offered myself and my family in any forum that I have and I am pleased to say that more than a dozen people have told me that because of my story, they have purchased a Road ID for themselves or their loved ones.

- Jeb .G from Englewood, CO