I flew over the handlebars at 22 mph...

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I just want to tell you how big a difference Road ID made in my life. Last spring I was doing a race across North & South Carolina. A dog ran into the peleton as we were going 20-25 mph. In the resulting chaos I flew over the handlebars at 22 mph and landed on my head. I ended up with 4 broken ribs, broken facial bones, a lot of road rash, and the mother-of-all concussions. I was semi-conscious. Within 8 minutesthey had an ambulance on scene, and using the information on my Road ID a call was placed to my wife in Virginia. During the helicopter ride to the trauma center the EMT’s used Road ID again to call my wife and reassure her that I was alive. Knowing which hospital they landed at, she was able to start the long drive to South Carolina right away.

If it hadn’t been for Road ID it would have taken far longer, maybe hours, for my wife and family to learn what happened to me. I was in no condition to speak for myself. I now tell all my cycling buddies that the essentials for any ride include a top-notch helmet and some visible form of identification like Road ID. You guys have an awesome product. Thank you!

- Dave .D from South Riding, VA