I was unconscious and bleeding in the road

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I have always been a fan of Road ID and your products...now more than ever.  I am recovering from a bad bike accident.  A golden retriever darted out in front of me while cycling.  I was aero and just couldn't get to my brakes in time. I went head first into the asphalt road, ended up unconscious and bleeding badly in the middle of the road.  A nurse happened by (thank God)...she helped me wake up and scooted me over out of traffic.  (The retriever just wanted to play. The nurse said he was licking my face as I laid there.) I wasn't able to make much sense since I was in shock; I'm so glad I had my Road ID. The nurse used my Road ID to call my wife, who quickly arrived with our daughter, and off we went to the hospital.

I had twelve stitches in my knee and bandages everywhere.  My bruises and road rash made me look like a patient in a MASH unit.  Anyway, I never thought I would ever have to use my Road ID but I'm glad I had it that day. Thanks.

- R.David .S from Kaufman, TX