I was in a world of pain

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

Last May, I was riding my bike in the middle of nowhere when I got into some sand wash.  My bike flipped over, and I broke my femur on impact.  I was in a world of pain, and was in no shape to relay information to the EMTs when they arrived.  Thank goodness for my FIXX Road ID...it provided the medics with all my personal and medical information.  They were able to access everything they needed from my online emergency profile.  My wife wasn't present in the ambulance so this was particularly helpful at that time.

I hope my unfortunate experience will encourage others to wear ID.  I believe this piece of equipment is just as important as my helmet.

Update: Last week my hardware was removed (see photo).  I'll soon be back on the road, more than a little wiser, and happily wearing my Road ID.

- Bill .H from Johnson Creek, WI