I was hit by a car while running on the sidewalk

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I'm an avid runner and participate in half marathons, triathlons etc. I now wear a Road ID. I learned my lesson the hard way awhile back...It was 10:30am on a Sunday and I was out for a run in my hometown. I was on the sidewalk when I was hit from behind by a car going 35 mph. I was unconscious, and I did not have ID with me so I was a "John Doe" to the first responders and medics. I spent a month in the hospital with 14 broken bones, a lacerated liver, and significant bleeding. I was eventually identified because someone recognized me- it was total luck! In fact, I believe I am lucky to be alive. I now understand the importance of wearing ID while exercising outside. If I had been wearing my Road ID, it would not have prevented my accident, but friends/family would have been contacted sooner to learn about my situation.

I'm sure you hear many unique stories from customers all the time, but I wanted to share mine with you as well. I'm alive for a reason...maybe part of it is to spread the word about always having an ID with you.

- Greg .P from Milwaukee, WI