I never thought it could happen to me

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I want to thank a fellow cyclist for telling me about Road ID.  I purchased one, never thinking that I would ever need to use it.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  Recently, I finished work early and rushed home to get a short ride in before calling it a night.  As I approached the last turn of my 25 mile ride, I was T-boned by a car and thrown nearly 30 feet across the road.  I can remember the pop my helmet made when I slammed into the asphalt.  I was terrified, disorientated and could barely move.

Another driver saw what happened, stopped and called 911.  When help arrived, I could not respond to the tons of questions that the police and EMTs were asking me.  They didn't seem to understand what I was saying.  I am so thankful that the EMT noticed my Road ID on my left leg.  He quickly removed it and was able to call my boyfriend and obtain important medical information.

I was stabilized and taken to the hospital as a level 1 trauma.  The EMT gave the ER doctor my Road ID.  She was grateful I wasn't admitted as a Jane Doe.  She loved my Ankle ID and commented that she needed to get one for herself.

I can't even begin to say how valuable my Road ID was that night.  These little IDs should be required for every athlete!  You just don't know if and when it could happen to you.

Update:  I was pretty sore after the accident and suffered a lot of bruising, road rash, a nasty concussion, a damaged L5/S1 disc, a pinched Sciatic nerve, strained muscles and tendinitis and contusions to my knee.  I'm still in the recovery stage, but well enough to start riding again.  Thanks Road ID for the peace of mind you provide me, my family and friends.

- Jennifer .C from Tucson, AZ