I Got Quick Medical Access Thanks to My ID

I've been wearing a ROAD iD for years. It kept me company as I traveled the world alone...I've worn it biking, swimming, hiking, backpacking, you name it.  Interestingly, I needed my ROAD iD while doing something I don't consider to be very dangerous... sailing! I was racing in the Boston inner harbor when another boat 'T-boned' ours. The impact caused me to lose my balance and land on my face. I broke 5 bones in my nose, chipped my cheekbone, chipped my forehead bone, and required over 40 stitches to my face.

When I was transported from the racing boat, to motorboat, to ambulance, I was not in a state of mind to speak. The EMS got all my information from my ROAD iD! EMS later told me that before we made it 2 miles down the road, I was already registered at Mass General Hospital. Thanks to my ROAD iD, I went straight into surgery because they had my health insurance information, doctor information and - most importantly, my Mass General patient number.Today, I have very few scars due to fast surgery and a wonderful plastic surgery team. I have bought my husband a ROAD iD, and I wear mine regularly. Great work, great product. Thank you.