I am so happy to be alive

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

Since I received my Road ID, I have been contemplating writing a thank you email.  You could say I learned the hard way, about wearing ID at all times.  I have been involved in two serious accidents...one without ID and one with ID.  My first accident happened several years ago when I was on a training ride.  I was struck by a car going over 30 mph...then, a utility truck behind the car ran over both of my femurs.  Even though the hit and run occurred less than 200ft from my front door, not one family member was notified of my accident until several hours passed.  To the police officers, firemen and paramedics, I was a John Doe.  Receiving the correct treatment and giving accurate information of my medical conditions was an arduous task for both the doctors and me.

While the pain was terrible, the fear of losing my legs was much worse.  Unable to walk for nearly a year, all I could think about was getting back on a bike.  During this recovery period I read many issues of Bicycling Magazine and kept seeing advertisements and stories about Road ID, so decided I had to get one.

Thankfully, I was wearing my Road ID when I started riding again, as I was involved in another crash after a toddler ran in front of the pack of riders. This time, I split my helmet, and nearly broke my hip.  I was fading in and out of consciousness and my Road ID Interactive did all the talking for rescue crews.  Upon arriving to the hospital, medical staff was ready with all the necessary precautions and armed with my information.

My Road ID really helped me out that day.  I am happy to let everyone know that I am back on my bike again, but will not be able to race for another year.

My name is Erik, I live in San Francisco, I am a cyclist...and I'm happy to be alive.

- Erik .C from San Francisco, CA