My husband's Road ID made a difference

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

My husband, Dan and I always wear our Road IDs when we ride.  It's a good thing, because we were recently involved in a collision that resulted in my husband taking a helicopter ride to the trauma center.  (I was lucky to only sustain road rash and bruises and was driven to the hospital.)  Surprisingly, even though I was right there with him at the time of the crash, Dan's Road ID still came in handy.  The EMTs used his Road ID to call me on my cell phone and to update me on his condition before I arrived at the hospital.  It definitely made things easier for me and the hospital staff.  They told me that they wished everyone had a Road ID to avoid delays in contacting family members and getting the vital information needed to help save someone's life.

My husband is recovering slowly, but we're happy it isn't worse. I've since gotten him a new Road ID with updated information; I even ordered one for my dad who has heart issues and goes walking alone. I want all my friends and loved ones to know about Road ID- it made a difference for us.

- Debbie .D from Belleville, PA