I’m Proof How Valuable ROAD iD Can Be!

I’ve been wearing Road ID since my early days of running.  I feel naked without it.  Recently I proved how invaluable my Road ID can be.  While riding my bike, just 3 blocks from my home, I was hit by a car.  I was knocked unconscious. Witnesses of the accident used my Road ID to contact my wife  to let her know what had happened. I also discovered that having a wallet is useless in an emergency situation.  Although I had my wallet in my backpack, the EMTs never looked for it.  They said that they would not open my backpack without my permission, for fear that if something came up missing, they might be accused.

  It was my Road ID that saved the day. As an interesting side note, when regained consciousness, the EMTs used the information on my Road ID to do a memory test and verify that I was coherent. As a mentor for new members in our local triathlon club, I highly recommend Road ID to all my students and cite my recent incident as an example. Thanks Road ID, you have a loyal customer for life.