I Wasn't Alone...My Road Id Was with Me

I'd like to thank you Road iD, for speaking for me when I could not. About a month ago I was riding my road bike northbound on an open two lane road, when a car- traveling southbound- didn't see me and turned directly in front of me. I don't have any recollection of the accident, or much of what happened afterwards, but the reports state I was going about 15 mph, and soared right over the car after hitting the rear panel.

 My riding partners who arrived shortly after the accident were able to use my Road iD to contact my family. I was told that the doctors and hospital staff were also very impressed with my wrist Road iD.The end result was a broken collar bone, three broken ribs, a bruised lung and a bad concussion. I'm glad it wasn't worse. I now remind my friends how important it is to wear a Road iD at all times!