I was hit by a car

by ROAD iD Staff May 13, 2021

I was hit by a car, he pulled left in front of me. He was going so fast he threw me 20 ft in his direction of travel. I know i was traveling close to 30 mph as I had just looked at my cyclometer after going through an intersection and down a slight incline . We suspect when I hit his front fender , due to his speed, my pelvis hit his roof shooting out like a cannon. I traveled up and out , and recall watching road , grass and then the sky as I spun in the air. I hit the road hard landing on my back side . Luckily; I use to jump out of airplanes, I tucked my head out of instinct when I left my bicycle. Therefore my head did not hit the road. Im not sure I would be typing to you if it had hit the road. I remained awake, and very angry at the man that just hit me. I felt my lung collapse before EMS got there. The guy who stopped to help was a fellow cyclist and I had him roll me on my side so I could breathe. Silly me was like if I could just get up. I had troubles talking because of pain and inability to breath. When EMS got there they wanted name, address and medical history. This is standard information needed in any trauma or medical situation. I was having trouble giving it to them, so I said take my Road ID , log on to computer and it will give you everything, the code is in the back. They did and saved me my energy and stopped wasting time as they had everything they needed. When we got to the ED the EMS just handed his computer to the recording nurse in trauma and she told the trauma team everything they needed . The Road ID saved time . Time is something valuable when you have the unfortunate multiple trauma. I believe I had a total of 24 fractures , torn ACL in my knee and a collapsed lung and road ID of course. Therefore at least one thing was going my way that day.

- Craig