His Road ID gave the ER access to his profile

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I am a nurse in an emergency department in the Los Angeles area.  I am also a cyclist.  I wear a Road ID.  This past week we had a cyclist who was involved in an accident.  One of my first questions to him was: do you have ID?  He said yes.  I found a Road ID in his bag, not on his wrist where it belongs.  He was very fortunate that the paramedics brought his bike bag with him to the hospital.  Usually, the bike and bike bag are left behind for the police report.

His Road ID allowed me to access his entire profile from the computer system in our facility.  I sincerely hope this guy wears his Road ID on his body next time he is out riding.  Thank you for this extremely helpful product.

- ER Dept Charge Nurse, Rob .P from Woodland Hills, CA