He knew my location because of the Road ID App

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

I am training for my first full marathon, and I was recently getting ready to go out for a long run when my fiancee said, "Don't forget your Road ID, and lets try their new App to see how well it works.” So, before I left, I activated my eCrumb and he got a text telling him that I was "going for a run". I was having a great run until, somehow, a metal coat hanger that someone had used to open a  car door (shaped like a circle) wrapped around my right ankle. I went to step with my left leg and I fell hard on my right wrist. As a sports medicine PTA, I took one look at my very displaced wrist and knew it was fractured. 

Because I had stopped for more than 5 minutes, my fiancee got a text message saying I was stationary. He knew my exact location since he was tracking me on the Road ID App, so he came to my rescue in minutes and took me straight to the hospital. X-rays revealed a severely fractured radius in 3 places and a fractured ulna. Surgery was required a week later that resulted in a plate and 8 screws to reconstruct my wrist. I am now 2 weeks post-operative and beginning to heal. 

Thanks to the Road ID App and my Wrist ID Elite, I was able to be found quickly and all my medical information relayed to my doctor to get me the best care possible. I tell all my patients about your great products and your new App and how it could one day save their life.

Thanks again for all your help.

- Teri .R from Mattawan, MI