Get a Road ID!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I have just been through my first 'head-on' bike crash. I now know, first hand, how important ID can be. And, I'll pass along this suggestion to others in the same situation.I'm going to tell all athletes to get an Wrist ID, Ankle ID, etc.

I was on my back in the street for thefirst twenty minutes following the crash, had a concussion, and couldn't really focus on much, let alone speak. (Seems I hit the pavement more than once.) Necessary questions were coming at me from the EMT's and the Police. It took me 5-6 minutes to become coherent enough to answer these questions.

Even with a helmet on properly, the impact of a crash can move things around. As a result, the EMT's didn't want to move me until they were certain that I could be moved. At the same time, however, the Police were trying to get as much personal information as possible.

Having ID on a wrist band or ankle band would have allowed the authorities to get this information. Thank you for creating a product that allows enough room for name, a couple phone numbers (yours and a contacts), an address, your year of birth, and most importantly, your health insurance info and blood type. This is needed immediately for the ambulance, hospital, police report, etc. And, if a witness sees the event, they can get your information from the ID and contact you later. I'm telling everyone: Get a Road ID.

- Tim .B from Valley Village, CA