Don't wait to get ID!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

Not long, I witnessed an experienced runner fall near the finish line of a local 5K. While waiting for the paramedics to arrive, we performed first aid and CPR as the situation warranted. When the paramedics arrived, their first questions were: What existing medical conditions are present? What allergies does he have? Who do we contact to let them know that there is a problem? This was information they required in order to best administer treatment as soon as possible.

Even though some of the other participants were his coworkers, they knew very little about him -- including the contact information for his family. All of this pertinent information could have easily been included on an ID, had he been wearing one.

With many years of experience as a Race Director, I know that in an emergency, seconds count - the more information that can be provided quickly is of utmost importance.

As a single person, I also realized that there may be no one around who knows me well enough to provide that information. I now understand even more that wearing a Road ID is definitely one way we can all make sure that others have the information they need in order to take action in an emergency situation. Thank you!

- Todd .B from Long Beach, CA