A priceless piece of gear!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I often run and bike on long grueling highways that are filled with busy cars. One Sunday morning I came upon something horrible that nobody every wants to witness. A woman standing outside her car in tears, and in front of her car laid a twisted and mangled hunk of metal. As I took a closerlook, I realized it was a bike that the woman had run over. Fortunately for the cyclist, he was thrown from his bike when struck by the car.

After the event was over, I pedaled back home wondering! what if that had been me, and I'd been knocked unconscious? How would the medics have identified me and addressed my special medical needs? How would they have contacted my family if they didn't know who I was? These are important questions that I'd never thought about until that day. Shortly after that, I heard about Road ID and I realized how the two guys had created a solution to carrying ID for athletes and active people... Now I never leave the house without my Road ID.

Medics are trained to look for things like Road ID, and the fact that it's attached to your body makes it more secure than carrying a loose driver's license in your shorts, or cycling jersey. People invest a ton of money in having good equipment, why not invest in something that may save your life one day?

- Thomas .E from Santa Barbara, CA