Do we have a positive ID?

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

Recently, I was cycling down the road in broad daylight wearing a bright yellow Livestrong jersey. Suddenly, a lady turned left into me, hitting my front tire and sending me airborne. I was lying on my back, unable to move, when the Police, Fire Department, and EMTs showed up. They used my Road IDto get my name and emergency contacts. A police officer contacted my wife, who is an ER nurse in a neighboring hospital.

When I arrived at the emergency room, strapped to a gurney, one of the trauma nurses asked, “Do we have a positive ID”? The EMT said, ”Yes, his information is on his Road ID and we have already notified his family.” My Road ID gave her the information she needed, including “NKA” for No Known Allergies. My wife was able to be with me before I was taken for a CAT scan.

Update: I left the hospital with bruises and abrasions. I am still sore and Physical Therapy is helping my back, however, my bike is a total wreck.

I once had the allusion that if I carried my cell phone, someone could always be contacted in case of an emergency, but that is just an allusion. My cell phone was found 30 feet from the accident.

My Road ID was right there on my wrist to let everybody know: “This is who I am.” I never ride without it. Thanks for a great product.

- Robert .H from West Memphis, AR