Because of his ID they knew of his heart issues

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

My dad loves to bike and go for long walks, so for Christmas a few years back, I bought him a Road ID. He would go for hours on bike rides or walks and I didn't want him alone. Earlier this summer, he was out for a ride, and the last thing he remembers is slowing down. He evidently over did his left brake, abruptly stopped his bike, flipped off it, and landed head/back first. He doesn't know exactly what happened, and never will.

Before the ambulance got him to the hospital, first responders used his ID to contact my mom. Because of his ID, they knew that he had heart issues and was likely at risk from extra bleeding, so they were extra careful with him. The hospital told him that he was smart for two reasons: 1) His helmet saved his head. 2) His Road ID. He has since made a full recovery and has returned to walking and biking (with a new helmet)!

- Erin .R from Shakopee, MN