An Indispensable Gift!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

My husband gave me an indispensable gift recently. Since it wasn't a holiday or birthday, I had no idea what he was giving me in that little package. After I opened it, I knew that it was ultimately more valuable than the pearl necklace or diamond tennis bracelet I'd been hoping for.
He had given me a Road ID and a Supernova Light. My husband had given me something that could save my life, and that meant more to me than anything else.

Now, I always make sure my Road ID and my Supernova are with me when I leave the house to run or go to a training event. With the Supernova, I no longer have to wonder if cars that approach me from behind can see me, and with my Road ID, I know that I will be taken care of if I'm ever involved in an accident.

- Wispeny .E from Santa Barbara, CA