A normal training ride turned into a nightmare

It was supposed to be a normal, easy one hour training ride.  It turned into a nightmare.
It was supposed to be a normal, easy one hour training ride.  It turned into a nightmare.  I was training for a 3 day race starting on Saturday.  I was feeling a little winded, so I took the short way home, avoiding the back road that I normally take.  This route is a residential, well traveled road that has a significantly long straight away that I use for sprinting work. I was riding fast when it happened… an SUV pulled out in front of me and I collided into the passenger side door.

The next thing I vividly remember was asking a paramedic if I was dreaming, and how fast were we going.  I suffered 2 broken ribs, bruised clavicles, sprained elbow and knee, as well as cuts, scraps, contusions, bruises, the worst ever case of road rash, and a concussion that made my memory of the weeks surrounding the accident all but erased, including many days following the accident.

I had no form of ID on me, so EMT’s could not get in touch with my mother until I regained consciousness.  I try to find a plus side to all things, and this experience had two.  One, I made my riding club’s monthly e-mail top story and two, I realize how important ID can be, and I now have the security of knowing if it ever happens again, Road ID has my back.

I still ride for hours every day, and recently have taken up running as well.  I have returned to racing, and also run on my school’s Varsity Cross Country and Track team.  I do none of this without having my Road ID strapped to my ankle at all times.

- John .F from Catskill, NY