Didn't see a deep "sewer" cover and hit it!

by ROAD iD Staff May 13, 2021

I was on a bicycle tour in Italy last summer. Near the end of our 30 mile ride, I didn't see a deep "sewer" cover and hit it, my tire caught on it, my bike flipped and went flying headfirst over the handlebars. I was on a blood thinner and have a pacemaker so there was a risk of internal bleeding. I was taken to the local hospital where no one spoke much English. I showed them my Road ID and it was obvious they could read English medical terms and understood what injuries they needed to look for. They moved very quickly to get CT scans, x-rays and other tests to determine if there had been any internal damage. Luckily there was only a painful broken rib and some stitches. Without that Road ID, I could not have let them know about my pacemaker and the possibility of internal bleeding from my crash. Thanks, you guys! I NEVER ride without my Road ID!

- Carolyn