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8 stylish medical alert bracelets for men

When you think of medical alert bracelets and tools, you may think of the geriatric – the old woman who’s fallen and can’t get up; the Alzheimer’s patient wandering, in need of assistance. But that’s a generation of medical alert jewelry that has come and gone. 

Nowadays, medical alert bracelets for men are designed with daily life in mind. Medical alert bracelets shouldn’t look as bulky as a pair of orthotic shoes. That’s why we’ve designed our medical and running bracelets to be as stylish as possible. Whether you’re at the gym, in the boardroom or on your way to a date, our bracelets are made to blend in with your outfit. 

a road id elite silicone bracelet in slate

ROAD iD Elite Silicone 13mm Slate 

Running Bracelets 

Are you the active type of guy? The guy who doesn’t feel mentally and physically well unless they’ve gotten outside for a significant run and bike? Our running bracelets are designed for the athlete. With a seamless design, they work with you, moving while you move, flexing while you flex. And with a number of available designs, you have the ability to choose the style that fits your overall fashion. 

running bracelets

Sport ID

The sporty guy can rely on a Sport ID band. Created for the athlete, this is the easiest way to carry your medical information with you while on a run. Best of all, its sleek design allows you to get a band that doesn’t feel overwhelming. You’ll hardly notice it when worn along a GPS watch. 

To find your perfect band, you just need to choose your band type, from nylon to pin tuck. Once you’ve decided which style fits your personal preferences, then it’s choosing a color and deciding what you want to engrave on your bracelet, from your doctor’s contact info to your medical conditions and allergies.  

Shoe ID 

If you don’t feel like wearing a medical alert bracelet, you can simplify the process by choosing a Shoe ID instead. Now, this is as stylish as it comes because it has no effect on your style. No matter how you’re dressed to work out, the Shoe ID blends in with whatever you’re wearing. 

It’s perfect for the guy on the move, too, whether they’re into hypebeast culture or trying to wear business attire. Consider it an addition that won’t draw as much attention as a wristband might. And even if it does, you could put it to good use. It’s a simple way to inform others of your medical condition, especially if it’s something such as autism, diabetes or epilepsy. 

a road id sidekick bracelet for garmin watches

Road iD Sidekick ID for Garmin

For Garmin and Fitbit 

Let’s say you’re the guy who loves their Garmin watch more than anything in the world. Or maybe you’re the guy who can’t live without his Fitbit, who wants to track every step they take each day. If you’re either of these dudes, the Sidekick bracelet is the perfect addition to your overall style. 

It replaces the traditional bracelet of a Garmin or Fitbit with a medical alert bracelet, making it as easy as possible for you to carry your medical information with you wherever you go. It’s the perfect addition, too, as it’s one less accessory you’ll have to wear. 

For Apple Watches

Now, maybe you’re an Apple stan, the type of guy who owns everything Apple. You appreciate their products not only for their sleek design, but the interconnectivity they  provide between devices. You dress similarly, too. Your fashion sense is streamlined: simple, utilitarian, but most of all hybrid. There’s no room for extras, and you understand that simplicity is the means of forward action. 

If you’re in this bank, chances are you wear an Apple Watch. That’s exactly why you need an Apple Watch ID. Similar to our Sidekick bracelet, our Apple Watch medical alert bracelet works by taking the place of the traditional Apple Watch wristband. 

You can also get a color that fits your Apple Watch’s faceplate, whether that’s graphite or slate, allowing you to either customize your watchband or make it look as slick as possible.

medical identification jewelryMedical ID Jewelry

Beyond medical IDs designed with the athlete in mind, we also offer a number of styles of medical ID jewelry fitting for every man. The choice comes down to what most fits your lifestyle and personal fashion. 

Elite Health IDs

Available in numerous colors and styles, our Elite Health ID bracelets are a must-have for anyone with serious medical issues. Its silicone band makes for supreme comfort on the wrist while the tri-fold clasp ensures that the bracelet remains firmly on your wrist at all times. Best of all, it also comes with an additional medic alert badge, letting it be known that you are wearing the bracelet for medical purposes, whether that’s for allergies, type 2 diabetes, autism or heart disease. 

Its sleek design is perfect for any man, as it ensures that it fits in with almost any outfit, especially the black band. Although if you want to make it more visible and have a little more fun with it, you can choose from a blue and red band. 

Stretch Medical ID

Want something a little more comfortable? Our Stretch Medical ID is the perfect choice for men looking for something simpler than the Elite Health ID. Similarly constructed of a silicone band, the Stretch has more flexibility to it, making it the perfect wristband for men with limited mobility or hand strength. Rather than having to fuss with the clasp to ensure the wristband is snugly on their wrist, the man wearing the Stretch can simply pull it over their hand. And like a rubber band, it will tighten once placed around the wrist, allowing for a snug fit that’s still as comfortable as can be. 

a road id stretch 13 millimeter rugged

Road iD Stretch 13mm Rugged

Dog Tag ID

Maybe you’re the guy who likes to keep it more lowkey. You’re the survivor, the adventurer, the type who doesn’t like to wear your heart on your sleeve. Or maybe you’re the guy who lives for Army Surplus gear, turning it into a form of streetwear regalia. Whatever your decisions, we get it. That’s why we also supply medical bracelets in the form of a dog tag

Whether you want to proudly display outside of your t-shirt or want to keep it close to your heart, we understand. That’s what makes the dog tag the perfect medical alert bracelet for rough and tumble guys. No wrist bracelet here. Instead, you can carry your personal and medical information everywhere you go without it being displayed for all to see. Rather, that information is only available when it’s truly needed. Now isn’t that the prepared man best summed up? 


Limited Edition Wrist IDs

Let’s face it – sometimes you’re the guy who can’t fit into the mold. You always feel the need to break from the rest of the crowd, the guy who can never settle for the norm, the guy who shirks every label so he can walk his own defiant path. Well, buddy, check this out: Limited Edition Wrist IDs. Now that’s something to get out of line for!

Our limited edition wrist IDs are just that – limited. This means it’s worth taking a look to see what you can snag before they’re gone forever. These are designs meant for men to show off their fashion sense, their inner child or artist. Whether you want to go with a wild early-2000s wristband or the traditional pink and black in support of breast cancer awareness, we’ve got you covered.

It’s yet another fun way for men to show off some of their fashion sense, getting the most out of their daily life while remaining safe, carrying their medical information wherever they go. 

a road id apple watch id bracelet

Road iD Apple Watch ID

Stay Safe without a Bracelet

If you want a little protection without relying just on your medical alert bracelet, you can rely on the Road iD app. The simplicity of the Road iD app is what makes it so appealing to users. Downloaded to your smartphone like any other app, it allows you to track your mileage, plan running routes and carry a personal SOS signal with you wherever you go. 

stay safe with the road Id app

Whether you’re someone who loves to work out as hard as possible or someone living with a medical condition, you can rest easy knowing you have a personal lifeline in the event of an injury or medical emergency. 

By selecting a few personal contacts, you give them the ability to see where you are while exercising. Best of all, the app will alert them if you ever come to a complete halt or if you trigger the SOS function. 

Whatever your choice, you can relax while wearing a medical alert bracelet. You’re able to carry your personal and medical information with you wherever you go. That’s a level of safety and precaution that’s hard to come by in other facets of life. 

And, on top of that, you get to remain a stylish man. What else could you ask for? 

Search our website and find the medical alert bracelet that fits your personal style. It could very well save you in a time of need.  

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