The Future Home of ROAD iD, Part 1

The Future Home of ROAD iD, Part 1

A sneak peak into ROAD iD's future headquarters.

Moving is fun! No really, I mean it. For ROAD iD, each move symbolizes growth. It means we added really great and talented individuals to our team who share a passion for saving lives and empowering adventures. It means more people are strapping on their IDs and are heading out to do what they love. It means we have impacted more lives...and what’s not to love about that?

About a year and a half ago we knew ROAD iD was starting to burst at the seams, so we began our search for our next HQ. Up until now all of ROAD iD’s spaces have been functional and practical, but they haven’t truly reflected the special culture that lives inside our walls.

New Road ID OfficesWe wanted to take the opportunity to find that perfect place. We desired to move away from an industrial park setting and into an urban community environment. We also wanted a building that not only gives us more space, but has character and charm. Someplace that enhances who we are. And we wanted a place that provides easy access to restaurants, community events, shopping and entertainment. 

After a lot of searching and some serendipitous events, we found it - a historical building in the heart of Covington, KY.

Historic Photo of Road ID OfficeThis beautiful building was first erected in the early 1890s as a window and sash company, hence the large amount of windows you see. Later it became Dixie Wholesale Grocers and then the H. Johnson Moving and Storage Company. ROAD iD will be the fourth owners of this building and we plan to restore it to is original glory. Construction has begun and is anticipated to be completed shortly after the first of the year. We can’t wait! This three story building will house our entire team. Everyone from Marketing to Fulfillment will continue to live under one roof, which was a priority for us. We plan to create a fun, functional with creative spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Bleacher Seating at ROAD iDThe unique bleacher seating will not only connect the second and third floors, but will provide us the ability to easily host our weekly all-hands team meetings. We plan to maintain an open office environment while incorporating the option to work in quiet spaces like hide-away rooms. There will also be a game room and a large community kitchen area for our weekly lunches and much, much more. 

ROAD iD Offices in Covington, KYI would like to extend a huge thank you to our team that has been patiently enduring all the changes to our current space as we attempt to squeeze every square inch out of it. We have actually considered this as a temporary solution.

It's worth noting that every old building has a story to tell. And while this one has plenty, the most notable one might be when a night watchman shot a thief who accessed the third floor of the building via the roof, and scaled down inside using a rope. He was shot trying to get away, and tumbled all the way down the stairs to the first floor.  

Newspaper Articles on the history of 35 west 8thThe Sanborn Fire map shown below was published in 1894, confirming the building is at least this old. It wasn't present on the fire map that was released in 1877. Further research has pointed to 1893 as the year of construction. The building was construction for J.A. Brownfield, the owner and operator of a Bellevue, Kentucky based planing mill company.

ROAD iD plans to open their new home early Spring of 2018. Stay tuned for more updates on the building's progress, including a virtual tour of the new offices.  

Sanborn Fire Map