Is the Sport Pin-Tuck band latex free?
Yes! The Sport Pin-Tuck band is made from a durable, fashionable silicone compound that is completely latex free. 

How do I clean my Sport Pin-Tuck ID?
Your ROAD iD may need to be washed periodically due to normal wear. We recommend to wash the band in warm water mixed with a mild soap or detergent, rinse and let air dry. This should help keep the band in good shape. Don't forget to clean underneath the ID plate! You can slide your ID on the band to give it a thorough clean.

Which accessories are compatible with the Sport Pin-Tuck ID?
We have many accessories available for the Sport Pin-Tuck ID. Check out our bandsbadges and ID faceplates! Be sure to select the accessory size that matches your Sport Pin-Tuck ID (13mm or 19mm).