Share your ROAD iD love for a $100 Gift Card

How It Works

Take a simple cellphone video reviewing your favorite ID. Include the following:

  1. Share how you use your ROAD iD.
  2. Share how ROAD iD has impacted your life.
  3. Share whether you would recommend ROAD iD to others.

We'll check out your video, and then reach out.

What makes a great video

It's super easy. Here are some quick tips.

Tip 1
Sit near a window or bright light so we can see YOU! Ideally, bright natural daytime light works best. Please see example below.

Tip 2
Please position yourself in the camera to capture a waist up vertical video from your phone. Please see example below.

Submit Your Video

By providing a submission we want to ensure you understand that we have the right to use images or videos of you that we receive from you in our marketing materials. By submitting your file, you're giving us (and our legal reps) the permission to use, publish, and distribute these photos and video however we'd like for perpetuity. This includes the right to use your first name or not, and to use the photos even if they've been altered or changed in some way (for instance, we may crop in to see the product better). Don't worry, though - any identifying information (like phone numbers) will be kept private.

Finally, we want you to know that you won't have the right to approve the finished marketing assets that we might use them in. We typically just check for lighting and video quality. Thanks so much for your understanding and we can't wait to create some amazing content together!